Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Outreach

Nutrition Coaching Logo-01Our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Outreach Program is designed to lead our community in nutritional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Each class will be custom designed and be led by a nationally certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor or nutrition coach. Classes are catered for youth or adult based on need. For more information and to customize your class, please contact Susie Wilkes, Fitness Director, at or (316)788-3781. Classes can be located at your facility, DRC facilities or virtually.  

Custom Fit for Your Team

  • Due to the custom outreach classes we ask for 3 to 4 weeks to schedule and create your program

  • Fitness class series are $3.50 per person, per class (minimum of 9)
    • Class series (meets more than 1 time) are 30 to 45 minutes
  • Workshop or 1 time class are $50
    • Workshops or 1 time classes are 60 minutes
  • Virtual options also available 

Fitness Class Options

The list of the most common topics and classes are listed below, but not limited to these classes.

Boot Camp
This is a traditional style bootcamp that will incorporate squats, lunges and pushups.  It's for all levels.  

Cardio Dance
You can burn calories and bust a move!  Using Zumba or Shine moves you and your group can have your own sweat party!

Life in Motion
This class blends low impact marching with resistance band work.  It will be modified to all levels but designed for the more active seniors.

Please Stay Seated
Just as the name sounds!  You will get a great workout in a chair.  Stretch and strengthen your body while secure in a seated position.  This is ideal for a staff or group that has trouble getting off the floor.  It will strengthen your whole body, increase circulation, and improve flexibility.

Stretch and Strength
Is your staff sitting all day or bending over a counter?  You will love this class.  Increasing your flexibility will help lengthen your spine and help you move throughout the day.  All levels will enjoy this slow and quiet stretching experience.

Water in Motion
Use water as your component to fitness!  We will build a custom class just for your group in the pool.  Make it a one-time workshop with one of our trainers or a weekly class for your staff, club or organization.

Yoga is for everyone and an entire body experience.  You will strengthen your body to make lifestyle movement easier.  Relax at the end and leave your mind quiet to a calming moment that will leave you refreshed.  We can do a one time meditation or yoga class for your wellness group or set up a weekly class at your place or ours!  You will reduce stress, increase mobility, and learn to quiet your mind.

Latin and international music combined in dance routines to burn calories while having a blast.

Nutrition Coaching Options

Nutrition Coaching can be broken down into the categories below.

Diets: The DRC nutrition coaches will guide you with the most up-to-date information on the diets that are out there. They will break down the information so you will understand what works and what doesn't.

  • Open discussion on diets in America today
  • Breaking down the Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean diets
  • Pros and Cons
  • Cut the Sugar
  • Intermittent fasting

Mental Wellbeing:  The DRC nutrition coaches will help identify personal life goals related to mental health.  They will develop individualized action plans to support you to achieve those goals. Their goal is to identify key strengths and skills, as well as areas for focus and improvement. 

  • Essential oils and their benefits
  • Sleep patterns
  • Brain fog
  • Journaling
  • Food and your brain

Motivation in Life:  The DRC nutrition coaches will guide you through lifestyle changes that can lead to a healthier you. You will get daily tips to energize your system.

  • Accountability and consistency
  • The benefits of movement and exercise
  • Creating a stronger mental wellbeing
  • Turning your exercise goals into a permanent way of life
  • How to get started 

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