Quick & Easy

You want to make great food in a minimum about of time? Let’s put the joy and creativity back into your cooking and show you that good food doesn’t have to be complicated. Our simple, fresh and easy recipes will inspire your inner chef.

Date night - better burgers

Bring your significant other and come learn how seasonings and toppings can make a basic burger better.  We will test drive a few sides as well.  

Herb stuffed pork loin

Pork Loin is a budget-friendly and lean cut of meat that produces the most succulent and flavorful pork roast.  It is a great cut of meat that is simply irresistible.  We’ll prepare fried apples as well. 

Instant Pot Magic

There’s nothing better and more satisfying than making your own meals.  The instant pot (pressure cooker) is all the craze and we’ll teach you the fundamentals of using this kitchen tool and prepare some great recipes.

Let’s Do Brunch

Learning how to make brunch at home means no waiting in line, plus eating in pajamas!  You’ll learn how to make delicious foods and recipes that you can then take home home and surprise your family and friends.

Loons with Spoons - Instant Pot Magic

Loons with Spoons are back and fun as ever.  Join these crazy ladies for a fun morning learning all about the pressure cooker. We’ll make some delicious recipes that you’ll be able to prepare at home.

One Pan Meals

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert - one pan cooking makes meal-prep easy.  Learn quick and easy one dish meals that are simple enough for weeknight and healthy enough for your family.

Speedy, Simple Stir Fry

Stir fry is a simple way to get a balanced meal on the table fast.  Learn how to make a simple stir fry in three different ways with lots of different variations.

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