Guest Chefs

Magic happens in the kitchen!  Learn hands-on cooking from a local culinary expert or rising star!

Krista is a local Wichita foodie with her own business, "Eat REAL America". Krista’s philosophy is to eat real food, minimally processed and each meal must be:
1.  Easy to prepare
2.  Taste amazing
3.  Affordable
4.  REAL food ingredients
5.  Good for you!
She believes convenience, cost, confusion, and taste should NOT be barriers to enjoying all the benefits that REAL food has to offer!

Eat real with Krista "Series*

See how simple and delicious it can be to immerse yourself into the world of REAL food!  Develop healthier cooking skills along with learning creative quick and easy meal ideas. Krista Sanderson with Eat Real America will be the guest chef this spring for this 4-week class.  She will broaden your meal planning routine with ideas for healthy great-tasting breakfast, snacks, and sweet treats too!

Eat Real Again With Krista :Series*

Krista Sanderson with Eat Real America will be the guest chef one last time this spring.  During this fun and engaging 4-week class, you will expand your cooking and meal planning inspiration to include healthy and absolutely delicious stir fry ideas, roasting vegetables, 2-For-1 planned meals and turning vegetables into noodles.

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