Coaching Youth Sports

Exceptional Experiences Start With You

As a coach for the Derby Recreation Commission, you volunteer your time to make memories and inspire children to be better in sports as well as their own lives. Don't know much about the sport? No problem! As a DRC coach, we provide training to become a National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) certified coach. The Derby Recreation Commission wants to give our youth the best experience they can have as they are starting their sports or continuing to improve their skills. 

Aaron, a 4-time baseball coach says, "I can help assistant coach for parents out there to inspire them to maybe coach, you don't have to know the sport. You can catch on." Coaching a team can be beneficial to you because you are able to tailor practices to your own schedule. Most coaches start by assisting a friend or fellow parent coach to learn the ropes and obtain their own team the following year.

 "I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see things click for them" - Richi, 3 year softball and soccer coach.

Sports you are able to coach:
Flag Football

Signing up is easy.
1.) Fill out our volunteer application.
2.) Complete a background check form. Background check paid for by the DRC.
3.) Complete NAYS training. Paid for by the DRC.

For any additional questions, contact Darren or Todd at the DRC.