Land Fitness Classes

Land fitness classes can be taken at the Derby Recreation Center or at Oaklawn Activity Center. Classes are offered on a first come, first serve basis. You must be 16 years of age to take a fitness class.


Barre fusion is an intense cardio workout formatted to be a heart pumping good time that is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles.


Try the newest thing in fitness with a class that uses the ballet bar as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps or small range of motion movements. Barre Pilates has a Pilates format to give you a total body workout with strong core work.

Cardio Core

Combines weight and Tabata training with step and track intervals. 

fit fix

This total body workout class will include circuits that focus on muscles, cardio, toning, and core.  Techniques from strength and core training.  Pilates, and lots of heart rate building, will all be incorporated for a great variety and fit to fix!


High Intensity Interval Training!  Cardio intervals worked in between sets of strength exercise.  A fast paced class with a variety of movements to give you strength overall and endurance.  All exercised can be modified.

mash up

Maximize your results in less time with three classes in one!  Experience a short, effective workout with variable intensity interval training (VIIT).  This program features mind/body, agility/strength and high intensity interval exercises for three levels.

Muscle Mania

Incorporates giant sets, super sets and circuit training to train and tone muscles. 

POwer lunch

Get fit during lunch with the POWER of weights. Using all muscle groups you will lift weights and strengthen your entire body. You can design the class that works best for you with either a 30 minute class or stay for the entire hour. Guaranteed to be doing squats, dead lifts, lunges and strong core work. Browse classes for time and dates best to suite you. 

river boot camp

If you start your Saturday out with River Boot Camp, you will have a great start to your weekend.  This is a traditional stule bootcamp that will incorporate squats, lunges and pushups.  Enjoy the beautiful river and outdoors while getting fit. It's for all levels.

shine zumba mix

Dance those calories away with this mixture of Zumba and Shine workouts!


This 45 minute class has strength training in circuit form to maximize calories burned while working all muscle groups.


A class that will work your entire body in just 45 minutes.  We will use dumbbells, body bars, TRX, fitness center and your own body weight.


Increase your strength and endurance while improving your cardiovascular fitness in this highly imaginative, total body workout. 


Latin and international music combined in dance routines to burn calories while having a blast!

The classes listed below are offered only at the Oaklawn Activity Center.

Muscle Mania

A high energy class that incorporates giant sets, super sets, and circuit workouts to train and tone muscles.  You can expect a core workout to help you develop a six-pack.  All exercises can be adapted to any level.

Self Defense Fitness

Get fit while learning self defense skills in this unique and fun workout class.

Shine Zumba Mix

If you love to burn calories while dancing, this class is for you.  You will experience the best music for Shine and a little Latin dance from Zumba.