Land Fitness Classes

Land fitness classes can be taken at the Derby Recreation Center or at Oaklawn Activity Center. Classes are offered on a first come, first serve basis. You must be 16 years of age to take a fitness class.

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Try the newest thing in fitness with a class that uses the ballet bar as a prop.


Barre fusion is an intense cardio workout formatted to be a heart pumping good time that is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles.


Try the newest thing in fitness with a class that uses the ballet bar as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps or small range of motion movements. Barre Pilates has a Pilates format to give you a total body workout with strong core work.

Boot Camp

Enjoy this new boot camp experience using calisthenics, running/walking, body weight resistance, crunches, agility, power drills and much more!

NEW! Bounce Burn

Bounce your way into a great calorie burn!  This trampoline class is offered at the Oaklawn Activity Center.  It's the up and coming workout you don't want to miss!

Cardio Core

Combines weight and Tabata training with step and track intervals. 


Restorative fitness to create long-term health, happiness, and well-being.


High intensity interval training! Cardio intervals worked in between sets of strength exercises. A fast paced class with a variety of movements to give you overall strength and endurance. All exercises can be modified.

Home school Family Fit

Our Home school Family Fitness class offers a fun an inviting fitness opportunity for parents and children. We focus on cardio intervals, strength training core work, and flexibility. This class is made for all fitness class levels.

Muscle Mania Express

Shorter class that incorporates giant sets, super sets, and circuit training to train and tone muscles. 

Muscle Mania

Incorporates giant sets, super sets and circuit training to train and tone muscles. 

Nothing but guts 

This class is all about core! Fire up your abs, lower back and glutes to build a stable, stronger, and more powerful core.

Pilates Strength

A blend of Pilates and strength moves will take you through a unique Pilates class that focuses on overall strength for lifestyle function.


A stretching and toning class to work on improving flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility. It is designed to be a full body workout, and helps to tone your muscles as opposed to gaining muscle mass.

POwer lunch

Get fit during lunch with the POWER of weights. Using all muscle groups you will lift weights and strengthen your entire body. You can design the class that works best for you with either a 30 minute class or stay for the entire hour. Guaranteed to be doing squats, dead lifts, lunges and strong core work. Browse classes for time and dates best to suite you. 

R.I.P. Training

Rest in peace knowing that you will get a great workout with this fast paced interval training boot camp! Using free weights and mobility training, this will challenge your body. This class is designed for semi-experienced fitness go-ers. 


A fresh spin on bootcamp at Derby's newest park, Warren Riverview! Enjoy the outdoors in this new bootcamp experience using calisthenics, short distance running/walking, body weight resistance training, crunches, agility, power drills, and much more!

Step Express

Step it up with this cardio mid-day work out that will guarantee the calorie burn that you deserve.


Entry level weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercise class for seniors. Our instructor will help you modify the workout to meet your personal needs. Browse the times and dates that are right for you. 


Shorter class than strong circuit to work and tone all muscle groups, in a short amount of time.

Strong Fit

The class is designed to give you that little extra push that you are looking for. It will focus on strength and conditioning using body weight, free weights, med balls, and banded exercises.


This class will work your entire body in just 45 minutes. We will use dumbbells, body bars, TRX, Fitness Center and your own body weight. 


Increase your strength and endurance while improving your cardiovascular fitness in this highly imaginative, total body workout.