Personal Story

A Personal Success Story

Jean is a Derby Recreation Center member through her employer. Here is how the DRC has helped her.

“I have been a member of the Derby Recreation Center since 2002 through my employer's corporate membership. Walking the track at the Derby Recreation Center and the PiYO (Yoga / Pilates) class has strengthened my core to the degree that my "lower back issues" are no longer a problem. Before I started exercising I went through multiple series of physical therapy due to lower back strain. A combination of cardio, strength, and stretching classes has helped me lose 30 pounds and kept me free of visits to the physical therapist for at least six years.”


The co-pay for Jean’s physical therapy would be $15 a visit and the estimated cost of one physical therapy session is $150. Over a multi-year period, just think how much she, and her employer, have saved in medical costs. Add to that the fact that by being well, Jean is at work and productive, another plus for her and her employer. In short, corporate wellness works.

Let the Derby Recreation Commission Corporate Wellness Program do the same thing for you and your employees. We offer corporate membership rates, wellness workshops to educate and inspire and fitness testing to let your employees know their physical condition and what they need to improve. And our certified trainers and class instructors will then be there to help your employees improve their health.