Adult Sports

Adult sports  vary by season and are for ages 18 and older.
Tournaments and open play are available as well.

Have you ever thought about coaching? Coach a youth sports team and mentor kids ages 4-11. To inquire about coaching, email Darren Hornback.  



Adult Leagues

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Disc golf has the same premise as golf but uses a disc (frisbee) in place of a ball.  During the clinic, you will learn the fundamentals of the game, starting with the drive and ending with the putt.  Participants will also learn the importance of etiquette and safety. Spend an hour learning then play a round of disc golf on the local course.  All ages.

Spring Softball Leagues

Get your teams ready for the DRC Summer Softball Leagues. Leagues are available in both Men’s and Co-ed divisions.Teams will play a 12-game schedule, Co-ed will play 12. Co-ed scheduled games are on Sundays. Men’s scheduled games are on Mondays. Early registration is $340 by August 11, regular fee begins on August 12. 


Come learn the growing sport of Pickleball from a certified instructor.  Participants will learn rules, scoring, basic skills and strategy.  All equipment is provided.