Youth Aquatics

The DRC offers youth aquatic classes in the form of American Red Cross swimming lessons.

Classes and swimming lesson levels vary by season. Some classes are held at Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park during the summer.

For questions or concerns, please contact Donita Grinde-Houtman, Aquatic Programs Coordinator, by phone at 316.788.3781 or by email at


Determining what level of swim lessons your child would be best suited in can be difficult. The DRC has put together a cheat sheet below to help. If you know the correct level, browse our swimming lessons to register.
**Choosing the Correct Swim Level**

water safety Tips - with wade S. Turtle!  

Reach or throw! Don't go!
A person experiencing trouble in the water may:

  • Float or tread water
  • Hold onto a safety line or other floating object
  • May be trying to swim but is not making forward progress

We can help someone who is experience trouble in the water by using the following techniques so we stay safe:

Reaching Assist

  • Brace yourself on the pool deck, pier or shoreline
  • Reach out to the person using an object that extends your reach, such as  a pole, oar, branch or belt
  • Tell them to hold onto the object
  • Keeping your body close to the ground, pull the object and person to the side

Throwing Assist

  • Use an object that floats to throw to the person
  • If the object has a rope attached, place the rope under your foot prior to throwing the object just past the person
  • Place your weight on your back foot to brace yourself
  • Tell the person to grab onto the object as you slowly pull the object to them
  • Keeping your weight on your back foot, pull them to the side

wade turtle-april safety